Quantapower Update and System Improvements

//Quantapower Update and System Improvements

Quantapower Update and System Improvements

We’ve been working on some big changes, and these may have impacted your service. 

Before I get into what’s new, I’d like to apologise for any frustrations we may have caused you or your operations team. We know this data is important to you and we need to improve. 

So why was this development cycle so disruptive?

The sheer volume of data being generated required us to re-think and completely rebuild our data handling and processing. Instead of sending every data point to the server for processing, we now process and package all milli-second data on the terminal before it is sent to the server for validation and enhanced reporting.

In order to test this new system with existing reporting we have had to simulate a replica of a new data stream on our servers. Essentially we used the existing less efficient process to emulate the new one and then plug that into updated reporting. 

Although accurate, delays in creating the new data stream and timing mismatches have caused some frustration. Moving ahead, the improved terminal will be the single primary source of manufacturing data.

In short, we’ve had to rebuild Quantapower in order to deliver the insights and reporting you’ve asked for, and quite frankly, deserve. 

The first and most important stage of the upgrade will require us to update your terminals with the latest software. (I deal with this a little further down.) Once done, we will start to build new and enhanced reporting and functionality on the Quantapower website. 

These are the immediate benefits you find on the terminal upgrade:

Updated user interface is easy to use and understand. Enhanced shift information for supervisors and floor manager; improved workflow and messaging around stoppages to eliminate “Pending Reasons”; ability to edit reasons and split stoppage reasons on the terminal; job creation on the terminal includes Job ID and expected quantity; post jobs to terminal from the web or ERP (Beta) (Terminal Ready); input final count and rejects to close job; able to operate completely without internet communication for extended periods; extended reporting and logging around reboots on the terminal.

The new data stream will allow us to build more complex reports and functionality on the website. These include:

Manage and allocate jobs to the terminal with all meta-data; reconcile actual counts and add rejects for quality numbers; breakdown planned time vs unplanned time losses; manage and analyse standard time for standard operating procedures (SOPs); analytical reporting on 10 biggest losses.

We’re ready to upgrade your terminals and migrate you to the new data stream. The updates will be done over-the-air (OTA). You will be notified before we proceed.

We would like to have all sites upgraded by 30 August. This will allow us to turn off the old system and move ahead with a single data stream

We have set up a helpdesk function to handle any queries you have now or in the future. You can access the helpdesk on the Quantapower website or by sending an email to support.

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